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A Hare-Racing Experience Adrian MI Dan Rodgerson

Kayla Bradley, 4 right gets some help from her mother Sue on the backstretch of the course during the Saturdays Heritage Hare Racer even at Heritage Park. The race was sponsored by Adrian Community Services Department and top participants took home trophies and other prizes.

Event organized by Dan Rodgerson and Kelly Monaghan

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Taking the Plunge Adrian MI Dan Rodgerson

Photos by John Elbers

Would be divers go head first while they adjust to breathing underwater in preperation for taking a swim by themselves.

People's first reaction when they try this for the first time is "wow" said Dan Rodgerson aquatics Director for the City of Adrian who is in charge of the free scuba class Thursday night at the Springbrook Pool. More than 30 people put on flippers and air tanks to discover the world of underwater diving. divers Mast of Jackson provided the masks, tanks and flippers for the class with the hope of getting people involved in the upcoming scuba course. "I want be an astronaut when I grow up so this is a good experience for me," said Josh Wood 12 of Onsted. Laura Gutierrez of Adrian, right, took the class to prepare for her upcoming vacation to Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. Here, she gets accustomed to the breathing Regulator.

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City Rec Helping Needy Children Adrian MI Dan Rodgerson

Scholarships will pay for participation

by Roger Ferguson
Daily Telegram Staff writer

Adrian- A lack of money should no longer hinder children from participating in the city's recreational programs. The Community Services Department hopes to begin offering All Kids Included Youth Recreation Scholarships to needy children beginning in April. Recreation Supervisor Daniel Rodgerson said Thursday. The scholarships, which can reach up to $25 per child for each of the departments three seasons will be available for all of the city's nearly two dozen programs. Of those programs, only three-swim team, lifeguard class and adventure club will not be funded by the scholarship. In those cases, the scholarship would be used to defer the cost with parents picking up the remaining tab.

The Lenawee united way and volunteer center kicked in the forst $1950 to begin the scholarships in June of 1996. Half of that money purchased items for the citys haunted hourse and the other half went into an account for scholarships.

"The haunted house is basically what is going to power the scholarship fund or at least replenish it" Rodgerson said.

After the initial investment of about $1000, the haunted house raised $1300 for the fund and is expected to raise more in the future. Wal-Mart also donated $3,000 to the fund and the proceeds from the Trestle Festival have been used to boost it as well.

The scholarships will be available to all Lenawee County Children 17 and younger who can demonstrate finnancial need. Adrain school department of federal programs will decide whom recieves the grants Rodgerson said.

Community services officials said thousands of people take advantage of the citys programs on a monthly basis and the scholarship should increase those numbers while opening new opportunities for needy Children. Some of the departments offerings include, swimming classes, karate, oragmi, summer playgrounds, tennis, roller hockey and outdoor education.

According to a community services grant application the departments hopes to give away 80 scholarships a year at the cost of $1440 a year. the average cost of a program is $18

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Dan Rodgerson--Fridged Weather allows Ice rink to open

Frigid weather allows ice rink to open

Skating season is in full swing


Daily Telegram Staff Writer

ADRIAN--Unseasonably warm weather delayed last week's planned opening of the Adrian Ice Rink.

No such problem came up Thursday--not even close.

The air was more than cold enough, with the high temperature just reaching the teens.

The frigid cold did not keep patrons from away from the ice rink, located next to Bohn Pool on Adrian's West Side.

More than two dozen were ready to hit the ice minutes after the rink officially opened at 4 p.m. They engaged in two separate games of pick-up hockey, which will be a frequent occurrence at the rink this year, said Dan Rodgerson of the city's recreation department.

Dan Rodgerson put in a few scheduling changes this year. He dropped the Wednesday open skate in favor of renting out the rink. It's already booked through January.

"We didn't have any time for rental group, like churches or scouts or anything else," Dan Rodgerson said. Dan Rodgerson also tinkered with the hockey schedules to try to even out the competition.

"Though roller hockey we found strong differences between the ability of players," Dan Rodgerson said. "So we opened up Tuesday night for adult hockey novice.

"We expect that to be a lot of fun."

Dan Rodgerson is turning a little more attention to hockey in the wake of the city's successful first year of roller hockey. Leagues this summer saw large participation, and Dan Rodgerson expects the roller hockey interest to translate into ice hockey interest to translate into ice hockey interest.

No lice hockey leagues exist because of the instability of having an outside rink. Game times would too often be at the mercy of Mother Nature. The ice holds solid to about 40 degrees as long as there is no sun. But if the sun comes out, the ice can weaken at 35 degrees, Dan Rodgerson said.

The rink offers all equipment novices may need to borrow.

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Rolling Along adrian Recreation Dan Rodgerson

Rolling Along
City Rec sees increases numbers with addition of adult league
ADRIAN—The second session of Adrian City Rec roller hockey played on the rink at Bohn Pool has set a record for numbers of players participating.
OK. So it’s not only the second session the city has ever had, but the numbers are impressive nonetheless.
When about 120 youngsters signed up to play in the first session, which began in April, league coordinator Dan Rodgerson was overwhelmed.
Dan Rodgerson figured that 50 or 60 players would mark a successful venture for the sport’s initial league in Lenawee County.
But while 120 participants was impressive, the number grew to more than 180 when the second session began in July, thanks in part to the addition of an adult league.

“It’s going to be really good,” Dan Rodgerson said. “All the younger leagues are going smooth. The problems are in the adult leagues.”

But those problems aren’t impossible to overcome, according to Dan Rodgerson. The biggest obstacle has been that adults tend to play a bit rougher than their younger counterparts. But Dan Rodgerson says only a few players are to blame.

“If we can weed those out, I think it’ll be a lot better,” Dan Rodgerson said.
For the most part, the league has run smoothly. The interest level has been so high that Dan Rodgerson and the city considered adding a third session for this fall.
But that same high interest level is also the main reason those plans have been put on ice. The high traffic the league has brought to the rink has caused a large amount of wear and tear to the facility.

“We’ve got to get the boards ready for the ice season,” Dan Rodgerson said.
The youth and adult leagues draw players from all over Lenawee County, as well as some from surrounding areas, including Ohio.

Play It Again Sports is sponsoring the program by helping to purchase the necessary equipment, and over the past few months the Community Services Department has spent nearly $2,500 on hockey protective equipment. That way, players who lack some of the equipment can still participate.

“We feel that this is one of the successes of the program,” Dan Rodgerson said. “Players don’t need to refinance their homes to play hockey.”

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Novice Hockey a hit at Adrian Ice Rink - Daniel Rodgerson

Novice Hockey a hit at Adrian Ice rink

Adrian- The city of Adrian Community Services is looking forward to summer activities at the Adrian Ice Rink, but there still is a little time to enjoy the winter activities. One of the most successful ventures at the ice rink this winter has been the adult hockey novice night. More than 30 skaters showed up for the first night and interest was so high that a second night was eventually added.

"We found that during the roller hockey sessions, there are two different levels of ability; those who have played for many years and those who have recently picked up the sport" said Rink Manager Dan Rodgerson.

Novice night was added so those not experienced in the sport would have a time to play and polish their skills with other players at their level. The other hurdle novice players face is the expense involved. Community Services tried to help players overcome that problem as well. The rink, in cooperation with Play it Again Sports, provides free loaner equipment. Full padding is reccommended bu the only required equipment is a helmet with a full cage. All are available at the rink free of charge.

While warm spell have wreaked havoc on the ice over the past two months, Rodgerson said the city plans to reopen the rink soon and hopes to get at least another two weeks of play in. While the ice hockey season has been split into two levels, Rodgerson said there are no plans to do the same thing with roller hockey. "I would like to, we don't have the numbers"

Rodgerson said that there will be several changes for this years roller hockey leagues at the rink. registration deadline for the first session is March 28th and the cost is $25. Players can sign up until April 11th but will be charged a extra $5 after the initial deadline. Games begin April 21st. For more information, contact Rodgerson at 263-2161 ext 272.

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Meijer Donates Skates to Adrian Ice Rink - Dan Rodgerson

The Daily Telegram
Adrian, MI
Feburary 17th 1996

February is Free Skate month at the Adrain Ice Rink. For three years now, local businesses and service clubs sponsor open skating sessions so that people in the community can skate for free. In addition to the free skate sessions, another successful program has generated sponsors to purchase rental skates for the rink. Meijers, Inc, recently purchased 10 pair of rental skates for the Rink. Other skates were donated by Key Bank, Coin-op vending, The Adrian Lions Club and the Peak. Shown are Dayton Latty, left General manager of the Adrain Meijer, Dick Holmes, City of Adrian Recreation Director and Dan Rodgerson, Ice Rink Manager with some of the 14 pair of skates recently donated.

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AIR teams compete in Great Lakes Games Dan Rodgerson

AIR teams compete in Great Lakes Games

LANSING—A pair of Adrian ice Rink “Coach’s Pick” roller hockey teams competed over the weekend in the Great lakes State Games, with the 13- and 14- year old team taking second in the house division.
The team of 11- and 12- year olds were eliminated Saturday after taking on three traveling teams. The older squad was seeded first after Saturday’s then finished second Sunday after losing in the title game.
Coaches selected the players from some of the 27 teams that play at the AIR bases on ability, attitude and commitment.
The tourney marked the first time AIR hockey has branched out and played against other teams from other communities.
“Considering that both of our teams have never played together as a team, both age groups did a fabulous job,” AIR league director Dan Rodgerson said.
Many parents interest in forming an all-star team and perhaps even a traveling team to represent Adrian. These teams would play against leagues that already exist in Toledo, Ann arbor, Detroit and Lansing.
“As our program continues to grow we would like to make necessary changes to provide different experienced for our players,” Dan Rodgerson said. “Our program has more than doubled in size in the past year and we anticipate even more growth.”

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Racing to the Rink Adrian MI Dan Rodgerson

Racing to the Rink
More than 100 youths join roller hockey league in its first year
Daily Telegram Staff Writer
ADRIAN—Dan Rodgerson thought there might be some community interest in a spring roller hockey program.
“Roller blading is at the peak of its popularity right now,” said Dan Rodgerson, who works with youth sports programs at Adrian’s Community Services Department. “We thought we would try to capitalize on the trend.”
Mission accomplished. In its first attempt to field a roller hockey league, the city registered 118 kids. Kids from as far away as Brooklyn and Manchester signed up for league play. The first games were played Thursday night.
“We structured this to mirror the program in Saline. They only have about 30 or 40 kids,” Dan Rodgerson said. “We have anticipated 50 or 60 because we figured we were competing with baseball and soccer.”

The city was thrilled to see the community response that ensued. But there was also a sizable amount of concern.

First, a concern about liability, although Adrian has an excellent safety record at its ice rink at Bohn Pool. The problem of liability was solved with assistance from city attorney Dane Nelson.
“We were totally scared because of liability,” Dan Rodgerson said. “As opposed to ice, when you fall on cement, you don’t slide.”

Once the city was properly protected in that area, the next concern was making sure the kids who play the sport were properly protected—which is to say properly equipped.

“One if the problems we were having were kids showing up for practices in biking helmets,” Dan Rodgerson said. “From the revenue we got from registration, we went out and spent about $1,000 on equipment, including four new hockey helmets.”

Players are required to wear hockey helmets with faceguards, which cost in the area of $100, according to Dan Rodgerson. The purchase of helmets, pads and goalie gloves will allow the city to provide equipment for kids who don’t already have it, but still want to play roller hockey.
Registration costs for the roller hockey were 30 per player.

The final concern was that there were a lot more players than coaches. Dan Rodgerson himself has taken on coaching responsibilities to help solve that problem.
“A lot of people think they don’t know a thing about roller hockey, so they’re afraid to go out there,” Dan Rodgerson said. “The rules are different from hockey. There’s no icing, no offsides.
“I think, though, after some parents stand on the sidelines, they’ll say: ‘This is something I’d like to get involved in,’” Dan Rodgerson added.

The primary focus of the league is to help kids focus on the primary skills of hockey—skating, passing and shooting, instead of the physical elements like checking and fighting.
“It’s a brand new league and we’re going to have some growing pains,” Dan Rodgerson said. “But we hope to have everything ironed out for the second session.”
League play for the first session started Thursday and runs through the middle of May. Dan Rodgerson expects the second session to begin early June.

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City Gives Bohn Pool slide plan green light - Dan Rodgerson

City Gives Bohn Pool slide plan green light

Attraction expected to open this year
Daily Telegram Staff Writer
ADRIAN—The investigation is done, the city commission approval earned.
The only question remaining is who gets the honorary first trip down Bohn Pool’s new water slide this summer?

“We assume Dan Rodgerson will be the first one down, and the mayor second,” said city commissioner Eric Sullivan.
But city attorney Dane Neilson already had the inaugural slide reserved.
“I told Kelli she could be the first,” He said.
Dan Rodgerson led the charge in persuading city commissioners to buy the $99,176 slide. He began investigating the purchase shortly after joining Adrian’s parks and recreation department as a recreation supervisor in the late summer of 1995.
Monaghan has helped Dan Rodgerson and community services director Mark Gasche develop a master plan to develop Bohn Pool into a “family oriented aquatic center.” The 144-foot long, 20.5-foot high is considered the focus of that effort.

In a proposal to city commissioners in November, Gasche said funding for the slide might have to come through financing.

But by rearranging priorities in his capital budget, Gasche said he can buy the slide using funds from the current budget year and next budget year. City staff felt getting the slide this year was important because it will help generate more revenue through increases fees.
“When we looking into financing there was some obstacles there,” Gasche said. “It wasn’t impossible, but it seemed more feasible to use our own money.”

City commissioner Chuck Chase and Gasche praised Dan Rodgerson for thoroughly investigating the feasibility of the slide, he said.

“I think it will really be a boom for Bohn Pool,” Chase said.

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The Big Plunge Adrian Waterslide Dan Rodgerson

The Big Plunge
Adrian staff proposes 140-foot water slide for city’s Bohn Pool.

Daily Telegram Staff Writer

ADRIAN—City commissioners took one step up the ladder Monday in moving toward initiating $500,000 in improvements at Bohn Pool.
They gave community services director Mark Gasche the green light to further investigate plans to install a 20-foot high, 140-foot long water slide at the city-run facility.

Plans include improvements to make the facility more family oriented. The daily youth rate would increase from $1.50 to $2.50 to help cover the cost of construction.
Gasche and parks and recreation program director Dan Rodgerson hope to have the slide up and running by spring of 1997, but commissioners aren’t willing yet to commit to that.

They’re still wary of how to pay the $120,000 price tag.
Gasche has set aside $40,000 for the slide and suggested two funding proposals, both of which would require loans. There was also discussion of using general fund dollars.
“It is significant to note that by financing the additional money needed to purchase a large water-slide, our operating deficit would be comparable to making no changes. By installing the water0slide we would have the benefit of this attraction, and, after the slide was paid off, we would see a marked improvement in our financial position,” the proposal for the slide says.
The water slide and other improvements are meant to try to increase usage of the pool which generally runs at 25 percent capacity; Rodgerson told the city commission during their Monday pre-meeting study session.

Rodgerson has been investigating the slide for more than a year. He oversees the operation of the facility, which would require additional staffing with the new slide. He also earned high marks for the successful launching of the city’s inline skating hockey league last year.
The pool typically runs a deficit of about $68,000 annually which the city has swallowed because the pool is considered a good community project.

Accompanying rate hikes for use of the pool would decrease the deficit to about $55,000 per year, Gasche said.

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Water Slide decision Tuesday Dan Rodgerson

Water Slide decision Tuesday
Daily Telegram Staff Writer
ADRIAN—City commissioners will decide Tuesday whether more than a year of work by the community services department is all wet.
Parks and rec staffer Dan Rodgerson has been investigating the ins and outs of putting a water slide at Bohn Pool since he was hired in late summer of 1955. Along with community services director Mark Gasche, Daniel Rodgerson pitched the idea to city commissioners in November.

After favorable responsible by commissioners, the inquiry into the slide hit top speed. Five companies submitted bids, which were reviewed Jan. 9. The cheapest to meet specifications was from Whitewater U.S.A of Columbus Ohio. With a price tag of $99,176, that company won Gashce’s recommendation.
The slide is the centerpiece in the community services department’s plan to transform the pool into a “family-oriented aquatic center”. Future plans include renovation of the interior of the building, enlarging the kiddie pool and installing interactive water play equipment.

“The addition of new attractions such as a water slide, shaded grassy areas, and interactive water play equipment will draw new pool users of all ages,” Gasche told commissioners in his request for funding.

The 20-foot high, 144-foot long slide would hasten rate changes at the pool to meet operating expenses.

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Adrian Scholarships offered for Adrian recreation programs- Dan Rodgerson

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Readying for Summer - Dan Rodgerson

Ty Koty, From KP construction in Minnesota does some work monday on the new Waterslide being installed at Bohn Pool in Adrian's Riverside park. the grand opening of the 143 foot waterslide is June 14th.

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City of Adrian Wins 15th Annual Municipal Award Dan Rodgerson

The city of Adrian was awarded the 15th Annual Municipal Achievement Award for the All Kids Included Scholarship fund which is designed to help needy children with recreation participation fees. Award given to Dan Rodgerson, Recreation Facilities Manager for the City of Adrian.

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Waterslide Makes waves at Bohn Pool - Dan Rodgerson

Kristin Allen

Daily Telegram Staff Writer

Adrian- verdict is in- Riverside Park’s Bohn pool boasts the best water slide this side of the Michigan Speedway. “It’s lots better than the slides they have at Cedar point- It’s faster and funner,” vowed 11 year old Rachael Perez of Adrian.

Perez took the first trip down the big blue slide Saturday afternoon during a "slide into summer party" sponsored by Adrian community Services at the park. I heard them yell that the slide was open and I raced to the top perez said. “I’ve been down four times so far and I want to keep going and going. But Perez will have to take a number. Water logged youngsters lined the stairs heading to the week old attraction.

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