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City Rec Helping Needy Children Adrian MI Dan Rodgerson

Scholarships will pay for participation

by Roger Ferguson
Daily Telegram Staff writer

Adrian- A lack of money should no longer hinder children from participating in the city's recreational programs. The Community Services Department hopes to begin offering All Kids Included Youth Recreation Scholarships to needy children beginning in April. Recreation Supervisor Daniel Rodgerson said Thursday. The scholarships, which can reach up to $25 per child for each of the departments three seasons will be available for all of the city's nearly two dozen programs. Of those programs, only three-swim team, lifeguard class and adventure club will not be funded by the scholarship. In those cases, the scholarship would be used to defer the cost with parents picking up the remaining tab.

The Lenawee united way and volunteer center kicked in the forst $1950 to begin the scholarships in June of 1996. Half of that money purchased items for the citys haunted hourse and the other half went into an account for scholarships.

"The haunted house is basically what is going to power the scholarship fund or at least replenish it" Rodgerson said.

After the initial investment of about $1000, the haunted house raised $1300 for the fund and is expected to raise more in the future. Wal-Mart also donated $3,000 to the fund and the proceeds from the Trestle Festival have been used to boost it as well.

The scholarships will be available to all Lenawee County Children 17 and younger who can demonstrate finnancial need. Adrain school department of federal programs will decide whom recieves the grants Rodgerson said.

Community services officials said thousands of people take advantage of the citys programs on a monthly basis and the scholarship should increase those numbers while opening new opportunities for needy Children. Some of the departments offerings include, swimming classes, karate, oragmi, summer playgrounds, tennis, roller hockey and outdoor education.

According to a community services grant application the departments hopes to give away 80 scholarships a year at the cost of $1440 a year. the average cost of a program is $18

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